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  • Coral Gables

    Coral Gables

     1 webster st, san francisco
    Enginethemes Poor service, no communication, we had constantly ask for feedback after open days and they turned up late on several occasions! Never again .......... On the other hand , the real estate agent we brought our new house from were wonderful, supportive and even gave us a congratulations gift. Wonderful Bennetts family real estate Victoria Point.
    on June 8, 2015
  • The Box House

    The Box House

     1 mcallister st, san francisco
    Enginethemes I would like to higher recommend [Name removed] from MICM Southbank office as [Name removed] made it so easy to purchase my apartment!!! Thanks again
    on June 8, 2015
  • Ace Hotel

    Ace Hotel

     1 grove st, san francisco
    Enginethemes I have engaged [Name removed] to assist with the leasing of my property when I decided to the move interstate. And she has provided me an absolutely hassle free experience. She is a dedicated professional with a very friendly personality. She has extensive knowledge about the rental market and managed to help me secure a 12-month lease in a very short period of time. I would not hesitate to recommend [Name removed] to my families and friends or anyone who is seeking assistance with renting their property.
    on June 8, 2015
  • Ocean Home

    Ocean Home

     1 civic center/un plaza
    Enginethemes I was losing my time looking for properties through domain or realestate. We prefer to go directly to MICM property, when we find more options that suit perfect for our requirements. We inspect the property, and in 1 or less of business day, I received answer to my application, and the next day I signed the contract.
    on June 8, 2015
  • Luxury Mansion

    Luxury Mansion

     1 china basin, san francisco
    Enginethemes I'd called [Name removed] at MICM to assist me in leasing out my 2-bedroom/1-bathroom/1-carpark property in Southbank. I had been living here and was moving out. During my initial phone conversation with her, I provided [Name removed] with details on when it was going to become available, and the lead-up of activities to the property becoming vacant. [Name removed] came prepared to our fir st meeting, outlining what MICM's strategy would be to lease my property. She listened carefully to gain an understanding of what was important to me in a tenant as a landlord. She also set out expectations on what the current market commanded, and offered attracted options on promoting my property so that it gained sufficient visibility among potential renters. She also observed that I would require support to have the apartment cleaned and made suitable for presenting to prospective tenants, and made arrangements to have cleaners come in within minutes of my movers having moved out the last piece of furniture, while being personally present to handle the handover of keys. The property was ready to be viewed within hours of me having vacated it. Within 10 days, and three open-for-inspection sessions, she had secured a tenant and had a lease signed. I couldn't have asked for more support and a better outcome!
    on June 8, 2015
  • Luxury Villa In Rego Park

    Luxury Villa In Rego Park

     1 san francisco caltrain
    Enginethemes MICM has really been helpful for the past 2 weeks to sort out all my rental apartment issues. They have been patient to hear all the issues and were able to sort out all of them. Now just waiting for the contractors to finish all the tasks. Thanks to [name removed] and her team!!
    on June 8, 2015
  • Futuristic Apartment

    Futuristic Apartment

     0 alamo square park, san francisco
    Enginethemes We are grateful to have a really capable and efficient Property Manager at Point Cook MICM who looks after our property portfolio. Her proactive and intuitive service style allows us to be responsive landlords as she seeks mutually beneficial outcomes for landlords and tenants alike.
    on June 8, 2015
  • Dogwood Ln

    Dogwood Ln

     2 Lone mountain, san francisco
    Enginethemes I would like to take sometime to recommend [name removed], of the MICM Victoria Point, docklands office. I had approached [name removed] with my requirements, and I found her very professional, transparent and thoroughly knowledgeable of the renting process. She was also mindful of the requirements of the client when she was recommending the available options for me. I also found [name removed ] as very courteous, knowledgeable and down to earth with a positive attitude. As it was the first time of me renting a property in Melbourne, she took time to explain me the entire process of renting a property in Victoria and even went ahead to give me some advices on the utilizing the power wisely. I would highly recommend [name removed] and MICM properties and I wish this message reaches the authorities who could reward [name removed] for the highly commendable job that she is doing! Wishing MICM and [name removed] all the very best! Regards,
    on June 8, 2015
  • Sophisticated Residence

    Sophisticated Residence

     1 City hall, san francisco
    Enginethemes Just a short note of thanks to both [Name removed] & yourself regarding my recent search for a rental property through MICM. Can I please ask that this email be passed on to your Director so that they are aware of how impressed I was with the assistance offered by [Name removed] in the first instance in taking me through numerous suitable properties at short notice and your self with my follow up application. Regrettably I found a property through another agency and only went with them as they advised I was successful prior to your advice of my successful application with MICM. Having dealt with numerous agencies in my search for a property, MICM & the staff I dealt with were “head & shoulders” above the others…. (# I am still awaiting call backs from other agencies after almost 2 weeks !!!) Well done & keep up the great work.
    on June 8, 2015
  • Cotton Ridge

    Cotton Ridge

     1 haight-ashbury, san francisco
    Enginethemes From inspections to signing the contract, everything went smoothly. It was a quick process with all the necessary information given in a kind matter. Kind phone manner! We called several times and everyone who picked up the phone was absolutely lovely !
    on June 8, 2015
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