Luxury Mansion


china basin, san francisco 0

25663 sq ft Sq 4 Beds 5 Baths No Furnish 5 Garages Child Rooms

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    I’d called [Name removed] at MICM to assist me in leasing out my 2-bedroom/1-bathroom/1-carpark property in Southbank. I had been living here and was moving out.

    During my initial phone conversation with her, I provided [Name removed] with details on when it was going to become available, and the lead-up of activities to the property becoming vacant.

    [Name removed] came prepared to our fir st meeting, outlining what MICM’s strategy would be to lease my property. She listened carefully to gain an understanding of what was important to me in a tenant as a landlord. She also set out expectations on what the current market commanded, and offered attracted options on promoting my property so that it gained sufficient visibility among potential renters.

    She also observed that I would require support to have the apartment cleaned and made suitable for presenting to prospective tenants, and made arrangements to have cleaners come in within minutes of my movers having moved out the last piece of furniture, while being personally present to handle the handover of keys.

    The property was ready to be viewed within hours of me having vacated it. Within 10 days, and three open-for-inspection sessions, she had secured a tenant and had a lease signed. I couldn’t have asked for more support and a better outcome!

    on June 8, 2015

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