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July 3, 2015 | admin

Since the day we released DirectoryEngine, we’ve received a lot of questions regarding customization. Understand that each business has it own requirements, today we are happy to introduce a new theme based on DirectoryEngine – EstateEngine.

The name speaks for itself, this theme is dedicated for those who want to run a real estate site. Since buyers spend a lot of time doing online research before purchasing a home or a property, a powerful and attractive real estate site is the first step in making a sale.

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A totally new attractive home page

EstateEngine provides you an optimized, beautiful design that you can use without putting away any critical features from DirectoryEngine or having to learn a new system. And of course, it’s created as a good practice for your real estate website.

New content blocks

Take the design a step further, EstateEngine offers you a lively home page. Together with the new content blocks such as: service custom, latest deals…the appearance of each block is remade to enhance the visual effects.

Different from the old version that the places are only displayed similarly in row. The new version allows you to display the listings alternatively with different sizes. By this way, users will have a refreshing feeling and focus more on each listing.


New categories appearance

As for the categories, forget the normal symbols, you are offered a totally new packages with colorful and stunning ones. Users can also quickly notice how many listings are added in each category. Furthermore, you can displayed the category list in both horizontal and vertical style.

And the most special thing, new widgets are implemented so that users can quickly obtain the site information.


An advanced search that is front and center

Customers come to your real estate site to search for listings, therefore, the search bar has always been the important one.

It is now displayed in a new position and of course with new options. Users can not only search a listing based on the location but also other criterions like date and price.

search - EstateEngine

Fresh and useful content displayed

You can provide all the information your users desire to get:

Specific forms for real estate business

The most noticeable and apparent change is that all the forms have been changed to suitable with the real estate site. From the “Posting form” to the “Contact form”, they are all customized for your business.

Properties details

You can make sure that all basic information is easily accessible. Cost, number of rooms or square footage…users don’t have to go elsewhere to find the information. Click on the listing and they can see all the details

properties - EstateEngine

Profile details

Just like the properties details, the user profiles provides much more details including the posted properties, the actions on site as well as the received reviews.

profile - EstateEngine

Photo galleries

“A picture is worth a thousand words”.

EstateEngine also offers large space for images. Each property does has room for big visuals which helps to stimulate the sense and get people to take action. Your users then can show the greatest aspect of their properties.

big image - EstateEngine

…And even more

Above are just some main points, you can directly play the “find the difference” game by visiting our demo site. See how things are changed from DirectoryEngine to this theme.

Take a look and start creating your very own real estate site.

Special price for the first week

As usual, new releases get exclusively introductory discount. Get it now to get the bargain !

Estate Engine

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