Is EstateEngine a good practice for your real estate website?

July 3, 2015 | admin

You’re here because you’re looking for a great real estate theme to set up a business website. So what are you imagining?

The design must be business elegant, the code must be clean and working well, in short, it delivers what it claims for? EstateEngine is a WordPress application theme for your desire.

Using it, you can create an online real estate community where users can: find the deals, do the research, get properties sold, connect with other investors, learn how to improve the businesses…and even more.

Take a look below and see how EstateEngine is a good example for your real estate business:

Extremely easy to install the WordPress real estate theme

Setting up a whole new business website maybe a pain in the neck. You wanna buy a theme to cut a tremendous amount of coding time, not to get upset with any complex set up process. EstateEngine delivers what you ask for. We  gather all the necessary elements in a package, for you to just click install and publish the site.

Check the tutorial video below and you will see, it only takes 5 minutes to install the WordPress theme and get your website online.

Whilst other themes require you to add massive code lines to adjust the content block positions, EstateEnginedelivers you a way better option. The theme is built in with  Visual Composer, which allows you to customize your content easily. All you have to do is drag and drop  ready-made content blocks to the right positions.

However, you don’t wanna  stuff so many things in the home page and confuse your users.  Here are the essential blocks  you shouldn’t forget: DE Place, DE Feature, DE Review, DE Testimonial.

Your real estate site then will be informative enough for users to get what they need.

real estate 1 - EstateEngine

An all-in-one solution for building a real estate listing website

A good website is a combination of design and functions. An prominent design will attract users and the functions will keep them stay on the site.

Using EstateEngine, you can set up a fancy yet functional website. While other WordPress real estate themes may require you to install many other plugins to get it up and running, you can get all features in one solution.

Advanced search with big map

Because searching all the listings is what users want when visiting a real estate site, a helpful search bar will leave a good impression.

In EstateEngine, the map is the first thing users will see so that you can satisfy the customers from the very first step.

Moreover, the advanced search will follow users during the time they’re on the site. Since it’s really convenient for them, they will spend more time on your real estate site.

Detailed information

No one wants to visit a website with just blank text. EstateEngine allows you to provide all the details regarding the properties so that users can consider your site is a helpful real estate site.

Various forms and calls to action buttons

Each business website requires it own posting form, you of course don’t want the existence of any un-related content in your site.

Though EstateEngine offers various forms for different purposes, they are all created to suitable with your website’s main core: a real estate website.  You can also create the new ones with AE Fields based on your preference.

Moreover, there are different buttons displayed throughout the site asking users to interact with each other. As a result, your site will be more real and lively.

Mobile friendly

Because the users are now on mobile, there’s no way you can forget it. EstateEngine has a dedicated mobile version for your users to visit the site whenever and wherever they want.

real estate 2 - EstateEngine

Collect the revenue from your real estate with ease

You can make money in any kind of website you run and so as EstateEngine. The thing is, you should let users using the service with smiles on their faces. With EstateEngine,  users are willing to pay  since it offers them all the convenient experience.

There are two main basic yet useful ways to expand your pocket: charge for posting properties and offer spaces for advertisements.

You can create different payment plans for users to choose when posting the properties. As for the advertisement, you can use the widgets and sidebars system to offer different positions.

Users are provided various payment gateways and  just have to follow 4 simple steps to submit properties.

Here’s the tip for the early days: allow users to post listings for free in the limited time. It’ll help you populate visitors to your estate website.

real estate 3 - EstateEngine

Attract users with informative and clear appearance

When a user visit your site for the first time, you of course don’t want to let them struggle with different content and bounce out right away.

Focus on the visitor experience when thinking about the home page design and layout, EstateEngineprovides white space all over the site in order not to overwhelm users with words.

So, let’s pretending you are looking for a house to buy, what will you do when visiting a real estate site? Normally, here’s what users usually do:

  • Search for a property > Bookmark different options > Check out as much details as possible > Contact the owners > In case it’s not what you are looking for, still write some reviews or share it.

And if the site doesn’t allow you to do the needed work, you will sure find a different solution.

EstateEngine allows users to do all the above actions and even more. In addition, you don’t have to wander around finding the options, they are represented by big buttons in your real estate website.


real estate 4 - EstateEngine

SEO optimized

SEO is the thing you shouldn’t forget no matter what kind of website you are running. However, it is not good to have too much of anything. Try to focus on the needed content  and make a great experience for the consumer.

EstateEngine works well with SEO Yoast, an external plugin which helps you to write better content and have a fully optimized WordPress real estate site.

SEO real estate-EstateEngine

Running a successful real estate website, of course, requires a lot more things. However, having a strong foundation will give you a good advantage.

Check out the demo site now and see experience all the features yourself.

Special offer for your real estate site

Here’s the greeting from EstateEngine, you can get the big discount up to 40% on all the packages. If you feel interested in it, check out now in order not to miss the chance.

Estate Engine

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