Kent Nguyen and his experience with DirectoryEngine

December 23, 2014 | admin

This is an article from our new series – Customer Spotlight. Customer Spotlight is a totally new section in our blog page featuring EngineThemes’ customers participating in different industries, who share about their business and experience with our products. With this new page, we hope that our valuable users can have a place to communicate with each other and gradually improve their businesses.



For the first article, we want to share the story of a youngster who is trying his best to climb the ladder of success: Kent Nguyen. Kent Nguyen is a young, dynamic business owners. After a period of time working as a multimedia designer, he decided to start-up his own business.

In addition, with the passion for website building, Kent wants to create as many great websites as possible and is one of his great works. is a basic yet effective directory website which provides different place addresses in Vietnam. Don’t want to limit itself in a specific business, is a collection of various kind of places such as: Hotels, Restaurants, Banks… Though it has just been creates for a few months, it now has nearly 1000 places and continuously growing days by days.
To realize his dream website, Kent has been spent quite a lot of time searching a suitable solution for his business and among all the other directory WordPress themes, DirectoryEngine is the one Kent has chosen.

“The first thing we love is the scene” – It is DirectoryEngine’s design the one that catch Kent’s eyes. He said that he was impressed by DE’s scientific arrangement, clean interface and it’s also the feeling he wants his website can show off.


Moreover, a good beginning makes a good ending, he found it was quite easy to setup the site, which was really helpful especially with the ones who doesn’t know much about technology.

Also, the support of Visual Composer really did a great help. He can easily arrange the block content according to his need. The fact that he is able to manage the site without wasting too much time really make him satisfied.
For his website, he has set up two main block contents: the categories and the new places. By this way, he can help his users experience the advantage of simplicity.


And the best of them all, from all the features DE offers, the “Event” function is the one he really likes. He believes that it plays an important part in getting customer attraction. However, it’ll be better if there’s an additional function for it, a “Pending events” feature for example.

Besides, he’s also looking forward to the Widget system’s improvement, which will includes some different ones to help the admins flexibly arrange the subsidiary pages.


And the last but not least, since Kent wants to make his website for his local, the built-in translator is really a great help for him to serve his target customers better

Truthfully speaking, though he’s not 100% satisfied with DirectoryEngine, he does have a great experience using the theme. Not only satisfied with DirectoryEngine’s current situation, Kent also sees the future it would bring. “ DirectoryEngine is a product which will strongly develop in the future. It’s a great idea and can become a new solution for online information society. Above all, it definitely can be enhanced with more features and reach out to more customers”


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  • Homepagely

    It seems like a very nice theme indeed. What we like is the “go to next” post button. Social sharing buttons could be nicer, though, possibly with counter.

    on December 30, 2014 Reply
    • An


      Sorry for my late response,

      This feature has already implemented in DirectoryEngine’s latest version. You can tale a look at it here:

      <a href="" rel="nofollow ugc"></a>

      Should you have any further concern, please feel free to contact us via <a href=""></a>.


      on January 8, 2015 Reply

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